Lobby Day

Lobby Day

In April 2015, the Fédération médicale étudiante du Québec (FMEQ) organized its very first edition of the Lobby Day, a day where medical students from each faculty were convened to Parliament Hill in Quebec City. There, they had the opportunity to discuss with elected officials, members of the National Assembly, as well as Ministers, about the subject of social issues concerning both the general public and the province’s medical student population alike.

For the FMEQ, lobbying is not only intended to influence legislative measures: it is also a matter of equity in terms of health care services, the preservation of vital functions, and taking concrete measures to promote the health of every single Quebec resident.

Lobby Day 2020

  1. Élargissement du panier de services en santé : Pour la santé et pour le porte-feuille des Québécois
  2. Amener la relève médicale à nos régions – Comment valoriser la pratique de la médecine en région au Québec


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