Executive Council

Executive Council

The FMEQ’s Executive Council (EC) is the executive body responsible for the Federation’s quotidian management, and for the implementation of mandates entrusted by its associative members. The EC upholds the stances adopted by the Congress, the General Council and the Administrative Council, and designs strategic plans of action to achieve the agreed-upon outcomes. The EC comprises twelve officers elected from the entirety of the province’s medical students on the occasion of the annual Congress. The EC is the official representative body of all FMEQ members.


The 2019-2020 FMEQ Executive Council:

Catherine Lajoie - President


Catherine Lajoie

Université de Montréal

The President is the Federation’s official spokesperson and presides over both the Executive as well as the Administrative Council meetings. Additionally, the president coordinates the FMEQ officers’ activities.


Victoria Blouin - Vice-President


Victoria Blouin

Université de Montréal

Beyond assisting the president in her executive responsibilities, the FMEQ Vice-President seeks to manage the Federation’s public presence as well as its public relations and communications. The vice-president is also mandated to maintain communication with students and medical associations across Canada.


Sabrina Bergeron - General Secretary

General Secretary

Sabrina Bergeron

Université McGill

The FMEQ General Secretary orchestrates the daily functioning of the Federation by summoning and transcribing the meetings, updating the archives and organizing the annual elections. The General Secretary also sees to the application of the General Regulations.


Isabelle Tapp - Finance and Human Resources

Finance and Human Resources

Isabelle Tapp

Université de Laval

The Finance and Human Resources delegate manages the financial and human resources aspects of the Federation, such as producing and maintaining a budget, bookkeeping, and managing the Federation’s salaried employees.


Vanessa Bisson-Gervais - Political Affairs

Political Affairs

Vanessa Bisson-Gervais

McGill University

The FMEQ Political Affairs delegate represents and advocates for Quebec medical students on thel political scene at the provincial level, with the Quebec government and Ministers, as well as with other provincial medical Federations (FMOQ, FMSQ and FMRQ). The Political Affairs delegate also manages issues regarding admissions to the Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) programs and residency programs.


Ana Pavlovic - Pedagogical Affairs

Pedagogical Affairs

Ana Pavlovic

Université de Laval

The Academic Affairs delegate represents Quebec medical students on all matters related to medical education, and coordinates the Federation’s actions accordingly. The Academic Affairs delegate sits on certain committees such as the Association of Faculties of Medicine of Canada (AFMC), the Canadian Residency Matching Service (CaRMS), and the Committee of Accreditation of Canadian Medical Schools (CACMS). At the beginning of every year the Academic Affairs delegate is also in charge of editing the FMEQ’s Residency Guide.


François-Pierre Marcoux - International Affairs

International Affairs

François-Pierre Marcoux

Université de Montréal - Mauricie

The FMEQ International Affairs delegate’s main responsibility is presiding over IFMSA-Quebec, the international division of the FMEQ. The delegate also represents the FMEQ within IFMSA and creates partnerships with medical student associations at the international level.

international@fmeq.ca / president@ifmsa.qc.ca

Anas Ait Bihi - Services and Corporate Affairs

Services and Corporate Affairs

Anas Ait Bihi

Université de Sherbrooke

The Services and Corporate Affairs delegate primarily oversees the Federation’s sponsors and partners. The Services and Corporate Affairs delegate also works to offer various services to FMEQ members, such as discounts relevant to medical students across Quebec.


Maud Labelle - Internal Affairs

Internal Affairs

Maud Labelle

Université de Sherbrooke

The Internal Affairs delegate ensures the liaison between the Federation, its associative members, and its individual members by assuring the continuity of internal affairs management. The Internal Affairs delegate organizes and sets up the FMEQ committees on various medical education issues. In collaboration with the Communications delegate, the Internal Affairs delegate also organizes the FMEQ Back-to-School Party at the beginning of the school year.


Florence Morissette - Wellness


Florence Morissette

Université de Montréal

The Wellness delegate coordinates all actions put in place to promote the wellness of FMEQ student members, and represents the Federation in the instances deemed appropriate by the Congress or the General Council.


Andrew Anderson - Communications


Andrew Anderson

Université de Montréal

The Communications delegate ensures the Federation’s presence on social media and is responsible for the Federation’s communication platforms. The Communications delegate also contributes in organizing the FMEQ Back-to-School party, and assists other delegates in promoting FMEQ’s events and activities.


Marion Sylvain - External Affairs

External Affairs

Marion Sylvain

Université McGill - Outaouais

The External Affairs delegate optimizes FMEQ’s mandate to advocate for the interests of Quebec medical students, and commits to represent FMEQ members on political and social issues regarding their education, their future practice and their well-being; as well as regarding the population’s health.


Mrs. Francine Auger  - Executive Assistant

Executive Assistant

Mrs. Francine Auger

The Executive Assistant is involved in various ways within the Federation, including in the management of accounts and the drafting of minutes. She is involved in the organization of various events during the year and contributes to the institutional memory, being present within the federation for several years. She fulfills any additional role at the request of the Executive Council.