Follow-up on CaRMS matching process integrity

5 February 2024

Montreal, February 1st, 2024-

The Fédération Médicale Étudiante du Québec (FMEQ) wishes to denounce any action that could compromise the integrity of the CaRMS matching process and the equality in opportunities for medical students, following a situation where the integrity of the CaRMS matching process could have been compromised for students who have signed a petition, and documented cases of censorship in many organizations that Canadian medical students and residents are part of, after they have shared their political opinion, affecting their academic and professional careers.

Therefore, the FMEQ asks the the CaRMS, the AFMC, the vice-deanships of post-gradute medical studies of the faculties of medicine and the program directors for post-graduate programs across the country to guarantee that the residency matching process is fair and exempt from any kind of organized political targeting.

This statement has been sent to the aforementioned parties, and published in our media channels.

Download the complete statement here.

The answers of the concerned parties can be consulted here  :