Report of the first general council 2020-2021 of the FMEQ

25 October 2020

The first general Council for the year 2020-2021 for the FMEQ was held last sunday. During general Council meetings (GC), association members can bring up points on which they wish to discuss with other associations. During the last GC: 

– AGEMUS asked other associations to take a stand on the opening of the AFMC optional internship portal for the 2022 cohort.

– AEEMUM called for a position regarding reference letters for the CaRMS to guide the FMEQ in its demand.


The GC is also the moment for the executive council (EC) members to present points on which they want the opinion of associative members. Among the points addressed by the EC, we count:

– The FMEQ’s position on the price limit for CaRMS;

– Reporting procedure within the FMEQ;

– Topics for Political Action Day 2020 (Selected topics: health and seniors; telemedicine);

– Adoption of internal and external communication policies;

– Update on the eco-responsible guide.