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McGill University – Outaouais Campus

Health service of Université du Québec en Outaouais
Many resources offered :


Mental health counselling service, offered to students in partnership with SSMU and PGSS, that provides 24/7/365 access to licensed counsellors through telephone and mobile chat in over 60 languages. To access this service, download the MySSP app for Apple iOS or Android. You can learn more about this service on SSMU’s website.”


This office is dedicated to supporting learners throughout their training by creating, promoting and sustaining a culture of wellness and resilience within the learning environment. Our office provides a safe and confidential venue to seek out resources that protect and enhance the learner’s health and well-being.
Emmanuelle Britton, MD:
Léa Levert-Gagnon, MA, RP, wellness consultant :
Shelly Sud, MD :

The guide to wellness resources

A guide with everything you need to know about wellness on McGill campus.

Peer Support Network

Aide psychologique avec l’UQO

(819) 595-3900 ext 2544


Santé psychologique